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Bran Castle Tour

The Bran Castle Tour is a must-do in Transylvania

The Bran Castle Tour has been around for a few years now. We are committed to showing our tourists the best that they can see in such a tour. If you are travelling by yourself, or with your loved ones, it makes no difference. You will still be able to enjoy all the beauty and magic that the castle has to offer. The Bran Castle has been around since the 13th Century. It was built by the Teuton knights as a defense border. If you’re passionate about history and legends and myths, the Bran Castle Tour is the right one for you!

Practical tips for visiting the Bran Castle

Bran Castle TourFirst of all you need to decide when you’d like to visit. If you choose to come during the summertime, the place is usually more crowded. It’s up to you to decide when you want to come. The Bran Castle Tour is generally available throughout the year. Contact us in advance for the best tips for your trip. The stairs and the hallways of the castle are rather narrow, so it can get rather crowded sometimes. Spring or fall may be the ideal periods of time to visit the castle, in order to avoid the masses. However, once you get inside, the balcony views will surely impress you. They are the best and they overlook the Bran Courtyard.

Bring your family and friends on the Bran Castle Tour

This tour is perfect for both large groups and families. You should know that the property has been classified by Forbes as the second most expensive property in the world. It’s value is now around 140 million dollars. More than one million tourists come and visit the venue each year. But don’t let yourself scared by the numbers. Just bring your friends and family on the Bran Castle Tour today and get special discounts. You’ll have your own private guide and the opportunity to see the castle with your own eyes. We can also point you to the most popular places where you can eat a nice lunch or dinner. Join us today for a complete experience of visiting Transylvania.

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